November Family Groups

We had two activities to do for our November Family Group. Each group picked a student to get a prize (a bag of candy). The other students were to approach that student and ask them to share their prize. They were instructed to do this without saying a please or thank you. We asked the student who got the prize how they felt about sharing it with others without any please or thank yous. We asked the students who got a piece of candy without using manners how they felt. Did they feel guilty? We discussed the connections between this activity and what Jesus did for us. Do we remember to thank Jesus for all our blessings? We collaborated this activity with the gospel reading of Luke:11-19.
The other activity we did was to color or write on a turkey feather what we were most grateful for. It was made into a collage of thank you feathers from the whole school. It is displayed by the office.

November Scrip Orders


Lynn McKean will be placing the SCRIP orders on Sunday with the hope that the package will arrive on Tuesday, November 21st.

If you have an order to place, either:

  • send it through school by Friday, November 17th
  • drop if off at church on the weekend in the Sunday office
  • e-mail me by 11:00 am Sunday morning at

SPECIAL DENOMINATIONS for a limited time only:

Festival Foods $15 in stock  Woodmans $25 in stock

Panera $5 (order)                Target $10  in stock

Barnes & Nobel $5 (order)   McDonalds $10 in stock

Amazon $10 in stock           Starbucks $5 (order)

SCRIP UPDATE – November 2017


Feed My Starving Children: Middle School Service

A few weeks ago, the seventh and eighth-grade students went on a service field trip to pack meals for Feed My Starving Children.  The experience moved one seventh grader, Abigail, to research the organization for an essay about Catholic social justice. Here is her essay:

“I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.” (John 6: 35) This Bible quote means if people believe in God, those people will be protected by God’s power and never be alone. Catholic social teaching says that Catholics believe human dignity matters. The Feed My Starving Children organization fulfills this teaching by providing meals for the starving people in Africa.

Feed My Starving Children began in 1987 to help change people’s lives. This organization was founded by Richard Proudfit. Richard is now 88, but when he started this organization, he was 58. He wanted to help with the problem of poverty in Africa. So, as a result, he started Feed My Starving Children. The Feed My Starving Children organization started in Minnesota and has spread around the globe. It was started to hopefully solve or help the problem of poverty. This organization has fed millions, maybe even billions, of kids over the last 30 years!

The Feed My Starving Children Organization packs meals for the starving people in Africa who are in need of food. It is a non-profit organization and has reached nearly 70 countries. Volunteers pack more than 284 million meals. That is enough to feed 779,000 children daily for a year. In the 2016/2017 year, Feed My Starving Children provided 5,263,360 meals.

The organization Feed My Starving Children fulfills the Church’s mission by giving back to the people what they need. This worldwide organization believes everyone should be happy. Feed My Starving Children also believes everyone should have life. There is no need for people to be dying from not having food. This organization believes that everybody deserves a chance. Everyone deserves food because it is a need, but also a privilege.

Feed My Starving Children packs meals for the many starving people in Africa. Everyone is human and deserves the best. Everyone is also equal. It is not what is on the outside that matters, but what is on the inside is most important. God wants His people to be happy. He gave people their lives because He believes everyone is strong enough to live it. “Therefore, I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” (Mark 11: 24)

Family Groups

Christian communities are different than other communities because they have Jesus Christ as their foundation. This idea of community is one of the cornerstones of our school. Our teachers, families, and students have long been part of a supportive family seeking to grow in holiness. Continuing to build on this foundation is central to living out the mission that Christ has for our school.

This year, we are doing some new things to strengthen our sense of community. One of these new things is called Family Groups. Once a month, our students and adults gather in small, mixed-grade level Family Groups to learn about their faith and pray together. Last month, each group selected and learned about a patron saint. This month, students are learning about the rosary. This program helps older students develop an awareness of responsibility while helping young students gain a deeper sense of belonging. Most profoundly, it is providing an intimate Christian community within the walls of our school.

Parent vs Student Soccer Game

We are happy to partner with St. John the Baptist Parish to offer many athletic opportunities at our school. Our 7/8 soccer team ended the year with a Parent vs Student soccer game, followed by ice cream sundaes. Thank you, Coach Skaletski, for working with these athletes. Great season Javelins!

Prayer Group

Prayer Group

Mrs. Moore, retired fourth-grade teacher, will be coming back monthly to continue the popular “Our Lady Queen of Peace Prayer Group”. This is a monthly opportunity for grades 3-8 to pray together. Last year we had over 80 members. To participate, your child must sign up. Sign Up