Family Groups “Kick Off”

Saint John the Baptist “kicks off” family groups.   Our family groups are small groups of students from all grade levels.  The group is lead by an adult and the purpose is to build community and share faith.  Our first activity of the year was constructing a decade rosary and praying it together.

Fall 2018 Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parents/guardians need to sign up for conferences using the links below.

Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held this year on:
Tuesday, October 23, 4-8 p.m.
Thursday, October 25, 1-6 p.m. (Half Day of School)
(No School on Friday)

At St. John the Baptist School, we truly feel that the education of children is a partnership between the school and home. Conferences are a great opportunity to speak about how we can work together for the child and to better understand situations impacting learning. To make conferences as effective as possible, we recommend that parents plan ahead for conferences. One way to do this is to formulate and prioritize questions ahead of time. Consider the following topics when formulating questions: curriculum, behavior, spiritual development, schedule, classroom procedures/expectations, testing, parent-teacher partnership. Great Article: How to Make the Most of Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parents/guardians need to sign up for conferences using the links below. Conference sign up closes on Monday 10/22 at noon so that teachers can prepare.


Mrs. Berndt:

Mrs. Baye:

Mrs. Liebergen:

Miss Hogan:

Miss Nelson:

Mrs. Hess:

Mrs. Wolfgram:

Miss Gostas:

Mrs. Peterson:

Miss Bodoh:

Ms. Buckett:

Mrs. Gross:


Mrs. Barnhart (Spanish): 

Mr. Calewarts (Art):

Mr. Giese (Physical Education/Health):

Mrs. Hodulik (Music):

Mr. Stranz (Band):

Middle School

Middle school parents, please sign up for your child’s homeroom teacher only.  If you need to see an additional teacher, you can conference with up to one more middle school teacher.  If you have additional requests, please email the teacher.

Mrs. Barnhart: 

Mrs. Fritsch:

Mrs. Lange:

Mrs. Schmitz:

Ms. Withbroe:

Because of her “due date” Mrs. Gerrits will not be available for conferences. Progress reports with summaries will be available for each child.

Students Practice Servant Leadership

This past week our seventh and eighth graders went on a service field trip to pack meals for the Feed My Starving Children organization.  The organization provides meals for needy children and families around the world.  Here are some of the students’ reflections based on their experiences.
“Our field trip to Feed My Starving Children was important because we were helping people in need.  We were packing food for the people in other countries who couldn’t get enough food to survive.  It was also important to see how people who are less fortunate live.  It shows us how good we have life and how much other countries are struggling.” – Joey, 8th grade
“The field trip helped with servant leadership because we should help others even when we don’t get anything back.  We choose to help the hungry with the good of our hearts.  We set an example for others to reach out and help.” – Mya, 8th grade
“It helped us with servant leadership because it showed others how to give.  It made us realize how giving a small portion of time to give helps so many.  One hour is all it takes to feed 200 children for a year.” – Isaac, 8th grade

Recess at SJB

Here are St. John the Baptist, we are focused on faith, academics, and family. We are able to live these out every day of our lives while at St. John the Baptist. We learn so much how to have strong faith, strong academics, and strong family that we are able to bring it into our community and homes. Recently, our fifth and second-grade students have been playing football together during recess time.  Watching them interact and work together really represents the strong family that we have here at SJB!

Stained Glass Windows

When a new family joins our school, it is my pleasure to meet them and take them on a tour of the school and the church. One of the things I enjoy highlighting is the church’s architecture.

I point out the modern design, color scheme and technology. Most families are surprised by our beautiful stained glass windows. The modern St. John the Baptist Church was designed to incorporate the vintage windows that were moved from the original church and include the names of their donors from the early 1920’s.

The incorporation of the traditional windows in an architecturally modern building is a symbol of our philosophy at St. John the Baptist School. We are committed to passing on our faith in Jesus Christ and maintaining the traditional values and high academic expectations of the past in a modern, engaging, and relevant way that takes into account current educational research and practices, and includes a balanced amount of technology.

As you look around our beautiful church next weekend, take note of the features that capture your interest, and please continue to pray for our school.

Fall Harvest Family Night

Come and join us for a safe fun filled night at St. Johns Fall Harvest Oct. 5th, 2018. Everyone is welcome to join in on the fun – games galore, jousting, pie eating contest, and not to mention lots of food and treats! Tickets are available at the door. Also, this is a perfect chance to spend time with your children and get service hours as well. Any cash donations and baked goods are also greatly appreciated.