Lent at St. John the Baptist School

This week marked the first full week of Lent at SJB. It has been filled with ample opportunities for our students to experience the first pillar of Lent: Prayer.
On Wednesday the 4th grade students led our school at weekly mass, and today the entire school was led in prayer and benediction during a holy hour of adoration with Fr. Scott. The school building is starting to resemble the season of Lent as well.

The students are also being taught the 2nd pillar of Lent: Fasting; through a Lenten abstinence calendar that went home last week. There are many ways to grow closer to the Lord at SJB this Lenten season!

Kindergarten through 8th grade spent a Holy Hour in Eucharistic Adoration.
Our prayer altar in front of the school office is decorated for Lent.