Hear Our Students on Live, National Radio!

Tune in to hear our students on live, national radio!

Our students will be featured on a live broadcast on Relevant Radio®, a nation-wide listener-supported Catholic talk radio network, on Wednesday, April 4th, from Noon to 1p.m.!

Tune in live, or join us at St. John the Baptist Church at noon. This show will be broadcast live to an estimated 65 million listeners. A light reception will follow in the narthex following the show. The show is coming to St. John the Baptist School because of our effort to help promote the Walk to Mary.

About the Show

Father Francis Hoffman, better known as “Father Rocky” will be the host of this live broadcast called, “Go Ask Your Father.” Father Rocky has hosted numerous live broadcasts from Catholic schools throughout the country to help showcase Catholic education and to give a national platform for the questions of faith on the hearts and minds of our young people. Second through eighth grade St. John the Baptist School students will be part of the production, and guests are welcome.

The live, April 4th, Noon broadcast will be on the entire national Relevant Radio network and can be heard the following ways:

  • Over-the-air on 1050 AM in the Green Bay area (check the Relevant Radio website for stations throughout the country)
  • Online streaming at www.relevantradio.com
  • Via the Relevant Radio free mobile application on Android and Apple devices;  (go to your app store and search for “Relevant Radio”)
  • An archive of the show will be posted later in the day on November 1st, which can be accessed on the Go Ask Your Father show page on the Relevant Radio website.

This will be a unique opportunity to showcase our school that has its own special mission to share! We hope you spread the word and tune in!

About the host, Fr. Rocky

Rev. Francis J. Hoffman, “Fr. Rocky”, is the Executive Director of Relevant Radio which broadcasts on 34 stations in 13 states and around the world through the internet and mobile Apps. Relevant Radio helps “bridge the gap between faith and everyday life.”

Ordained in 1992 by John Paul II for Opus Dei, Fr. Rocky has spent the majority of his time in youth and family ministry, through retreats and spiritual direction, as well as teaching and sacramental ministry.