8th Grade Academic Achievement

As the school year winds down, I will use my weekly article to reflect on the successes we have had as a school community this year. This week, I am highlighting the academic successes of our eighth graders. Their success is the result of their own dedication, the commitment of their families to academic success, and the tireless commitment of teachers and staff.

The data referenced below is from the Northwest Evaluation Association Measure of Academic Progress (MAP). All students take it in the fall and spring for major subject areas. This is a national computerized test which provides information intended to help educators make student-focused, data-driven decisions to improve teaching and learning.

In mathematics, 75% of our students scored in the “high-average” and “high” ranges with an average score well in the high school range. Over half of our students will enter high school one year advanced in math. In science, over 95% of our students scored above the 65th percentile, and 20% scored in the 90th percentile.

In reading, 84% of our students score in the “high-average” or “high” ranges with many students reading two years above average. On average, our students grew as readers one and a half years’ worth in this school year alone. In Language Arts, 95% of students scored in the top 40th percentile of students compared to national data.

Finally, in Spanish, our eighth graders who took the advanced class will enter Spanish 2 Honors at Notre Dame Academy and Spanish 3 Honors at Bayport. Over half of students in the regular eighth-grade Spanish class will also place in advanced classes.

This achievement data is very impressive. It outpaces our regional trends and surpasses diocesan averages. We have a lot to be proud of at St. John the Baptist School.

Please join me in thanking the eighth graders for their hard work and the staff and parents for their support in helping the students achieve all they have.