2018 Annual Report

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Dear Friends and Supporters of St. John the Baptist School:

The 2017-18 School year was St. John the Baptist School’s 129th year. I am humbled to complete my second year of service to this outstanding faith community. In 1888, forty years after the inception of the parish, the congregation raised $3500 to build a four-room school house in which to teach their children in a Catholic environment. We celebrate this commitment by continuing the tradition of advancing our children’s faith, academic prowess and sense of community. This year’s annual report shares our story and the successes of our students and teachers with the community and all who support our school.

At a time when many of our Catholic schools in the Midwest are struggling to maintain enrollment, St. John the Baptist School is proud to be one of 12 schools of the Diocese’s 54 to boast a growth in enrollment. Next year, we project increased student enrollment, quite possibly reaching over 300 students. Our membership in GRACE, Green Bay Area Catholic Education, helps us to continue to focus on growth, academic rigor, and building this excellent school for our children.

Catholic identity is central to our mission. Reflected in the Faith Report are many notable achievements in that area. The results of the ACRE test (a test administered by the National Catholic Education Association which measures knowledge of faith) show our students outpace national data by at least eleven percentage points in all areas. Students also had many experiences of the faith. Some of the most notable were: hosting a nationally syndicated Relevant Radio show and a number of celebrations in the liturgical life of the Church.

According to our entrance survey, we find that two most important reasons families choose St. John the Baptist School are the emphasis on our Catholic faith and our upholding high moral standards. However, the reason many families choose to stay at St. John the Baptist School is our outstanding academics. In all academic areas, our school boasted achievement that significantly outpaced national and regional trends with many students scoring in the top ten percent of their age group.

One of the great benefits of choosing our school is the closeness and welcoming attitude we have within our community. “Family” is always one of the first words students and parents use to describe our school and parish.  Many successes are highlighted in this report, as well. Please, join me in celebrating a great academic year and continue to pray for the continued strength of our school.

In Christ,
Principal Andrew Mulloy
St. John the Baptist, pray for us!