Bayport Co-Valedictorians are SJB Alumni

St. John the Baptist School (SJB) is extra proud this year as the graduation season concludes. Graduating as co-valedictorians from Bayport High School are Alexis Abel and Nate Schlueter, both SJB alumni.

When asked about the academics at SJB, both Abel and Schlueter indicated that their experience at SJB set them up for success at Bayport. Schlueter stated: “Saint John’s was able to meet my individual academic needs by allowing me to take math and science courses with the students in the grade ahead of me. Its smaller size allowed for more individual attention and more personalization of my schedule to enable me to take these classes. By my graduation, I was as advanced as any of the students graduating Bay View in math and science. I was also a year ahead of them in Spanish.”

Abel had a similar perspective and she said, “When I got to Bay Port, I thought that I would be right on par with the other students but really I arrived and was in all advanced classes.”

Following closely to its tradition of educating the whole-child, Nate agreed that the focus on morals was a key part of the experience at SJB. “Saint John’s aided my development by surrounding me with students who all have strong moral compasses,” Nate stated. Alexis noted that, “at SJB spirituality is ingrained in the education.” This perspective on education is one strong influential factor that led both students to complete over 500 hours of volunteering during their four years in high school.

Most notably, both students commented on the strong sense of community that they experienced at SJB. Schlueter described SJB by saying it was a “close-knit community, and everyone watches out for each other.” Abel agreed; speaking about her classmates she said that SJB “is a place where classmates truly become family.”

St. John the Baptist School is proud of the outstanding achievements of Alexis Abel and Nate Schlueter and wishes them both well in their future.