Principal’s Blog: Stained Glass Windows

When a new family joins our school, it is my pleasure to meet them and take them on a tour of the school and the church. One of the things I enjoy highlighting is the church’s architecture.

I point out the modern design, color scheme and technology. Most families are surprised by our beautiful stained glass windows. The modern St. John the Baptist Church was designed to incorporate the vintage windows that were moved from the original church and include the names of their donors from the early 1920’s.

The incorporation of the traditional windows in an architecturally modern building is a symbol of our philosophy at St. John the Baptist School. We are committed to passing on our faith in Jesus Christ and maintaining the traditional values and high academic expectations of the past in a modern, engaging, and relevant way that takes into account current educational research and practices, and includes a balanced amount of technology.

As you look around our beautiful church next weekend, take note of the features that capture your interest, and please continue to pray for our school.