Students Practice Servant Leadership

This past week our seventh and eighth graders went on a service field trip to pack meals for the Feed My Starving Children organization.  The organization provides meals for needy children and families around the world.  Here are some of the students’ reflections based on their experiences.
“Our field trip to Feed My Starving Children was important because we were helping people in need.  We were packing food for the people in other countries who couldn’t get enough food to survive.  It was also important to see how people who are less fortunate live.  It shows us how good we have life and how much other countries are struggling.” – Joey, 8th grade
“The field trip helped with servant leadership because we should help others even when we don’t get anything back.  We choose to help the hungry with the good of our hearts.  We set an example for others to reach out and help.” – Mya, 8th grade
“It helped us with servant leadership because it showed others how to give.  It made us realize how giving a small portion of time to give helps so many.  One hour is all it takes to feed 200 children for a year.” – Isaac, 8th grade