Principal’s Blog: Togetherness

Last week while visiting Madagascar, the Pope was speaking to young adults when he said, “It is impossible to be a missionary disciple all by ourselves. Certainly, we can accomplish great things on our own, but together we can dream of and undertake things undreamt of!”

The Pope speaks of this strength of togetherness as the key to accomplishing great things in the world. The same rings true in our school and parish community. It is, by working together and encouraging one another, that our school becomes a community; a place where people feel welcome, connected, and as if they have importance.

During the school day, the school staff and I work tirelessly to ensure all 305 students are surrounded by this togetherness. However, we cannot do this alone. I implore you, our parents and our parish community, to help us foster this sense of community. The impact of the way our parents interact with one another is an example that speaks much louder in the minds of children than that of their teachers. The positive or negative example young people see in relationships between adults or between families has a permanent impact on how they see the world and how they understand what it means to contribute to a community.

This school year, I ask you to do your part at home, in the neighborhood, and on digital platforms to help strengthen the strong sense of community that we already have at SJB. Introduce yourself to a new family, invite a family you don’t know well to your home for dinner, or look for a new way to volunteer or support the school.  This school year, I ask each of you to join me in working together to dream and undertake things undreamt of.

Read more about what the Pope said in Madagascar.

GRACE Spotlight on Thomas!

Thomas E., St. John the Baptist Catholic School

Thomas, 11, is a fifth-grade student in Mrs. Gross’ class. His favorite subject this year is science. Thomas said he feels right at home at St. John the Baptist Catholic School after transferring into the GRACE school system last year.

Thomas said he enjoys interacting with his new friends, being challenged academically and immersing himself in a faith-filled environment.

He enjoys reciting the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and values learning about religion.

“Your whole goal on this planet is to serve others so you can also get into Heaven with the Father for eternal life,” Thomas said.

When he’s not at school, Thomas enjoys playing the video game “Fortnite” and being on his iPad.

Thank you, Ms. Gostas!

Ms. Gostas is providing her second-grade students with a quality, faith-filled learning experience here at St. John the Baptist Catholic School. Here are some photos from Ms. Gostas’ class yesterday. Thank you Ms. Gostas and all of our teachers and staff for your dedication to our students.

Fostering Connections and Leadership

The kindergartners met their 4th grade buddies on Friday afternoon. They made friendship bracelets for each other!

Principal’s Blog: Our Catholic Family

2019 Revised School Mission Statement: Our Catholic family inspires disciples of Jesus by educating the whole person through prayer, high academic standards, and service to others.

This summer the school adopted a new mission statement. Rewriting the new mission statement included input from parents, the parish staff, and the school staff. One of the key priorities that came out of each stakeholder group was the need for the statement to reflect that the work of the school is the collaborative effort of the entire community. Thus, our mission statement begins with the phrase, “Our Catholic family…”

“Our Catholic family” refers to each and every person in the SJB community. Parents at home are the first and most important teacher in a child’s life. The spiritual foundation of the parish is that which the entire community is built upon, and the role of our school staff is quintessential in the formation of the child.

It is within the family that a child learns the most important things: that she is safe, that she is loved, and that she can grow. We can only successfully help each child do this if we are in it together. The prayers of the retired person in the pews fosters strength and security, the example of the parent in the pickup line teaches children about patience and respect, and the witness of the teacher taking time to listen shows a child how to love.

We are in this together. Helping each child in our community grow is all of our responsibilities. This school year, may our Catholic community grow in strength and mission together.

Learning and Service in Action!

This summer six SJB students hosted a neighborhood lemonade stand. They made $41.50 and are donating it to our school! Thank you, students, for giving back!