Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week is January 27 to February 2!

This is a great week of celebration for our parish, school, and community. We will take time to give thanks to those who make Catholic education possible and celebrate our great school through some special events. Throughout the week we will host a collection drive for community organizations.

Sunday: The week will kick off with an Open House after the Sunday Masses on 1/27.
Monday: We will begin with a prayer service in the gym. We will write thank you notes to religious leaders. Students can dress up as their future vocation.
Tuesday: Students interested in transferring can shadow at SJB. There will be some special things celebrating our staff. Students can wear hats.
Wednesday: We will have a special liturgy and social for Grandparents day.
Thursday: We will have a science fair from 8:45-10:00 in the gymnasium.
Friday: Parent and student appreciation day. Fun surprises in store! The staff will serve supper at the St. John’s Homeless Shelter.

Attendance Slip for Grandparent’s Day
Full List of Themes and Events
Collection Drive Needs