Principal’s Blog: Relevant Radio

A simple way to grow in your faith this Lent is by changing your radio dial. That’s right. The headquarters to the largest Catholic radio network in the country is right here in Green Bay. That radio station is Relevant Radio and you can tune in locally at 1050AM. Relevant Radio has 127 stations nation-wide and offers outstanding content that, to use their own words, “helps you bridge the gap between faith and everyday life.”

In the Wednesday folder, you received a brochure with some information about the radio station and a list of all of the shows and the times they air. There are a variety of shows offered throughout the day, including talk shows, Morning and Evening Prayer, spiritual topics and current events. The content on Relevant Radio is solidly Catholic, accessible to listeners at all points of their spiritual journey, and relevant to everyday life.

This Lent, I encourage you to turn on Relevant Radio, check out my favorite shows and find the ones you like best. I particularly enjoy Father Simon Says, (weekdays 1-2 p.m.) and A Closer Look (weekday 5-6 p.m.). Not available at that time? Download the app or tune in anytime online at