Principal’s Blog: Grandfather’s Death

The Saturday before Father’s Day 2018, I played golf with my grandfather, Jim Mulloy. I did not know it at the time, but that was my grandfather’s last round of golf. He fell later that evening getting into the pew at the Saturday evening Mass at St. Agnes. He was never the same again. The bone damage took a long time to heal, and moving him into a nursing home accelerated the onset of dementia. He passed away peacefully the evening of Holy Thursday. Although my grandfather’s death cast a shadow on the Easter weekend, it brought to light the spiritual reality of the season with a new clarity.

When Christ died on Good Friday, the Apostles stood speechless, helpless and worried. They did not know for certain what would come of the Lord or if there would be any merit to his suffering. But Easter morning, it all became clear. It was through His suffering and death that sin was conquered, and it is through His rising that we have promise of new life. This Easter season, this mystery has become tangible to me through the suffering, and God please, the rising to heaven of my grandfather.

As I reflect on this event in light of my role as principal, my grandfather’s death, and the timing of it, reiterates the importance that faith, service, and moral development have in our school. Although we hope that our final days are many years in front of us, this Easter season reminds us that through Christ alone we can find our hope, our strength, and meaning in our life.