Principal’s Blog: Our Catholic Family

2019 Revised School Mission Statement: Our Catholic family inspires disciples of Jesus by educating the whole person through prayer, high academic standards, and service to others.

This summer the school adopted a new mission statement. Rewriting the new mission statement included input from parents, the parish staff, and the school staff. One of the key priorities that came out of each stakeholder group was the need for the statement to reflect that the work of the school is the collaborative effort of the entire community. Thus, our mission statement begins with the phrase, “Our Catholic family…”

“Our Catholic family” refers to each and every person in the SJB community. Parents at home are the first and most important teacher in a child’s life. The spiritual foundation of the parish is that which the entire community is built upon, and the role of our school staff is quintessential in the formation of the child.

It is within the family that a child learns the most important things: that she is safe, that she is loved, and that she can grow. We can only successfully help each child do this if we are in it together. The prayers of the retired person in the pews fosters strength and security, the example of the parent in the pickup line teaches children about patience and respect, and the witness of the teacher taking time to listen shows a child how to love.

We are in this together. Helping each child in our community grow is all of our responsibilities. This school year, may our Catholic community grow in strength and mission together.