Principal’s Blog: Togetherness

Last week while visiting Madagascar, the Pope was speaking to young adults when he said, “It is impossible to be a missionary disciple all by ourselves. Certainly, we can accomplish great things on our own, but together we can dream of and undertake things undreamt of!”

The Pope speaks of this strength of togetherness as the key to accomplishing great things in the world. The same rings true in our school and parish community. It is, by working together and encouraging one another, that our school becomes a community; a place where people feel welcome, connected, and as if they have importance.

During the school day, the school staff and I work tirelessly to ensure all 305 students are surrounded by this togetherness. However, we cannot do this alone. I implore you, our parents and our parish community, to help us foster this sense of community. The impact of the way our parents interact with one another is an example that speaks much louder in the minds of children than that of their teachers. The positive or negative example young people see in relationships between adults or between families has a permanent impact on how they see the world and how they understand what it means to contribute to a community.

This school year, I ask you to do your part at home, in the neighborhood, and on digital platforms to help strengthen the strong sense of community that we already have at SJB. Introduce yourself to a new family, invite a family you don’t know well to your home for dinner, or look for a new way to volunteer or support the school.  This school year, I ask each of you to join me in working together to dream and undertake things undreamt of.

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