Principal’s Blog: Holding Hands

In Sunday’s first reading, we hear about one of the wars of the ancient Israelites and the role that Moses played. Moses, along with his brother Aaron and a man (some believe to be his brother-in-law) named Hur, climb to the top of a hill overlooking the battle. When Moses raises his hands, a gesture that symbolizes prayer, Israel takes the lead in the battle. But when he lowers his hands, Israel begins to lose. Naturally, Moses’ arms got tired. So, in order to make sure that Israel wins the battles, Aaron and Hur give Moses a rock to sit on and then each holds up one of Moses’ hands.

We see the Israelites succeed when Moses prays. And when he is too weak to pray, the other members of the community help him to pray by holding up his hands for him. I think this gives us an important message for our parish and school community. In order to succeed and have a healthy community, we must pray with and for each other. And when we are too tired or see others growing weary, we need to help them through prayer. Perhaps even by holding their hands.