Principal’s Blog: Updated Mission Statement

This spring, our school community worked together to re-write the school mission statement. The parish staff, school staff, and Site Advisory Council all had input in the process. Below is the new mission statement and an explanation of each phrase:


Updated Mission Statement

Our Catholic family inspires disciples of Jesus by educating the whole person through prayer, high academic standards, and service to others.


Our Catholic family – all members of our community have an important role in educating our children.

Inspires – with the help of the Holy Spirit, we must not only teach but inspire our young people.

Disciples of Jesus – first and foremost, our goal is to help young people love and follow Jesus.

By educating the whole person – forming the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual are equally important.

Through prayer – prayer is first in the list on purpose, it is through prayer that we build up our school.

High academic standards – we aim to exceed average achievement standards in all academic areas.

And service to others – we teach children to give back and make a difference in the community.