The Feast of Our Lady, the Immaculate Conception 2019

This week we observed the feast of Our Lady, the Immaculate Conception. We have learned that this feast refers to Mary being preserved from sin from the moment of her conception. This was in order to prepare her to be the mother of Jesus. Many Protestants may ask, “Are you saved?” Our answer is easy. “All human beings have been saved. The Blessed Mother was saved BEFORE she sinned, and we were saved AFTER we sinned. Now, we are to live our lives as disciples of Jesus, as Our Lady did.

This is the 19th year at St. John the Baptist for the Queen of Peace Prayer Group under the direction of Mrs. Kay Moore and Mrs. Karen Buchinger. We also have had the support of many priests, principals, teachers, and parents over the years. Our purpose is to devote some extra time to prayer for our school, our parish, our community, and our world. We give up some recess time to pray. We are proud to carry our banner and wear our lanyards to show we are part of Our Lady’s apostles of love.