Principal’s Blog: Investment in our Future- Vocations

We had a terrific Catholic Schools Week! Throughout the week, our students, families, and staff members took time to celebrate our school and community through dress-up days, Mass, a science fair and other activities. We also saw a strong start to our enrollment season with many new faces joining our preschool and kindergarten programs.

On Monday, we had a special dress-up day where students were invited to dress up as their future vocation. The hallway was filled with little doctors, veterinarians, police officers, and a few priests. This fun day brought to the front of my attention a reminder that Catholic school is truly an investment in the future. The reading skills, problem-solving tools, and values learned in our school are not an end in of themselves, but a means to become our best selves and making a difference in the world.

Many times children hear the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Our Christian faith calls us to ask the same question but to also consider, “How is God calling me to use my gifts and talents to make a difference in the world?” Catholic or not, re-framing this question to vocation instead of just career, helps young people develop an understanding that life is not “all about me,” but rather, it is about contributing to making the world a better place.