Spring 2020 (Optional) Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parents/guardians need to sign up for an optional conference using the links below.

Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held this year on:
Thursday, March 5th, 3:30-7:30 PM
Friday, March 6th, 12:30-3:00 PM (Half Day of School)

At St. John the Baptist School, we truly feel that the education of children is a partnership between the school and home. Conferences are a great opportunity to speak about how we can work together for the child and to better understand situations impacting learning. To make conferences as effective as possible, we recommend that parents plan ahead for conferences. One way to do this is to formulate and prioritize questions ahead of time. Consider the following topics when formulating questions: curriculum, behavior, spiritual development, schedule, classroom procedures/expectations, testing, parent-teacher partnership.

Parents/guardians need to sign up for conferences using the links below. Conference sign up closes on Tuesday, March 3rd at noon so that teachers can prepare.


Mrs. Berndt: https://signup.com/go/cYunKmO

Mrs. Baye: https://signup.com/go/wywLrnt

Mrs. Liebergen: https://signup.com/go/noCZCeO

Miss Hogan: https://signup.com/go/gxNAMjr

Miss Nelson: https://signup.com/go/ctuStDL

Mrs. Hess: https://signup.com/go/ucNhfjJ

Mrs. Wolfgram: https://signup.com/go/kcyLkyZ

Mrs. Lehner: https://signup.com/go/YmoMmvS

Mrs. Peterson: https://signup.com/go/WuqtqZD

Miss Bodoh: https://signup.com/go/LsnFXkv

Miss Baranczyk: https://signup.com/go/TrqMVZU

Ms. Buckett: https://signup.com/go/GMmzNsn

Mr. Matthews: https://signup.com/go/NvFBbjX

Middle School

Middle school parents, please sign up for your child’s homeroom teacher only.  If you need to see an additional teacher, you can conference with up to one more middle school teacher.  If you have additional requests, please email the teacher.

Mr. Lohff: https://signup.com/go/GzDHEfU

Mrs. Schmitz: https://signup.com/go/moHGKoS

** Seventh-grade students with last names starting with A-Ma should sign up to see Mrs. Gerrits (homeroom) and seventh-grade students with last names starting with Mc-Z should sign up to see Mrs. Lange (homeroom).

Mrs. Lange: https://signup.com/go/vyEvZUp

Mrs. Gerrits: https://signup.com/go/kNBqSiy

Ms. Withbroe: https://signup.com/go/fjXZshM

Specials and Specialists

Mrs. Heinz (Reading): By Appointment Only

Mrs. Atnip (Supportive Consultant): By Appointment Only

Mr. Giese (Physical Education/Health): https://signup.com/go/gQJvOoQ

Mr. Fogarty (Music): https://signup.com/go/TSOEguL

Mr. Stranz (Band): https://signup.com/go/gUsvwXX

Mr. Hart (Art): https://signup.com/go/bAnEfvE

Mrs. Barnhart: https://signup.com/go/stJbhPc