Student Essay: Career Paper by John H.

John H.


Mrs. Schmitz


Career Paper

“ To Protect and to Serve” became the motto of the police academy, and it was kept by the officers on patrol and the officers that are in training.  The training can be hard but, if you want to help your city and even your country it is worth all the work. Becoming a police officer and helping people in need is my future goal.

The education needed is surprisingly not that much. I at least need a High-School diploma, you have to pass the Law enforcement acceptance test, and then you have to graduate from the Police academy. I can also take classes in high school on Law Enforcement to help you later on. Classes might be community protection, Criminal Justice Assisting, Criminology, Legal System, and more(, 2020). Once I get hired all of that will get you a starting position. If you want to start a little higher on the police force, start on FBI, or maybe I would want to start as a detective I will need a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice. Also, I must be a US citizen, have a valid driver’s license, must be at least 18 or 21( depends on the department), and must have no criminal record(,2020).

The training needed is hard and long. Even before the academy, I should work out every day to stay fit. It is good to eat healthily and keep a good diet. The police academy is the main training facility for police recruits. At the academy, soon-to-be officers get classroom and hands-on training to prepare them for police work. Requirements vary among academies, but they typically involve more than 500 hours of coursework and exams that cover the subjects prior to police work

(, 2020 ). The hardest part is staying fit after you get a job.

There are many good schools for this job, but the one I am choosing is John Jay College of Criminal Justice. The school is meant for people like me who want to go into law enforcement. John Jay is in New York, New York. The tuition for in-state people is $7,270 and for the people out of state, it is $14,942. They offer many majors in this school. The one major that would be good for me is the Criminal Justice major (, 2020)

If you get a starting job it might take a while to advance in salary and position. A starting salary is around $44,724 a year. If I work well and work hard you can get raised to about $52,257 a year. That is a mid-level salary and will take around five to nine years though. To get a senior-level salary you would have to work for 12-15 years. The pay is around $59,000 a year(,2020). My pay can also depend on level. The levels of the police officer are Police technician, Police officer/patrol officer/police detective, Police corporal, Police sergeant, police lieutenant, Police captain, Police chief, Chief of police. I can advance up to the Chief of Police and can’t go any higher(, 2020).

A couple of places to live as a police officer are NYC, L.A., and Milwaukee. I can also live anywhere as well. In New York, the median salary is around $50,825. If I want to rent it is around $2,000 a month(, 2020). If I want to get a house in New York it is around $649k(  Milwaukee has a little lower median salary, rent, and house price. One perk of being in Milwaukee is being only two hours away from my family. If I want to go to L.A. everything is higher in price(, 2020) and (, 2020).

There are many benefits and hazards of this job. The benefits are paid vacations, special event pay, holiday pay, medical coverage, dental coverage, vision coverage, credit union, life insurance, and more. With may great benefits come may not so great hazards. Hazards include violent attacks, standing or sitting for long hours, exposure to diseases or chemicals, and risking your life for others (, 2020). I think it is worth it, even with all of the hazards, to help people in need.

Helping people in need and being a police officer is my future goal. After doing long and extensive research on this job I think that it might be a possibility of a job I could have in the future. It was interesting to learn about this job and I liked it a lot. Maybe I really will be called to be a police officer.

By: John H.

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