Principal’s Blog: Together Apart

Our community is being called to come together by staying apart during this historic global crisis. There are real safety and health reasons for this response. Hidden within this challenge, there must also be some good that will come from this.

This strategy of quarantine and social distancing necessarily calls our individual families together. This presents a great opportunity to grow closer with your family and gives each us the gift of time to be together even though we are apart. Likewise, this unique situation presents time for study, prayer, and conversation as a family.

Time physically apart from our social networks also challenges us to think differently about how we come together as a St. John the Baptist community. Our digital tools present technological ways for us to connect and support one another. Our quiet streets give us opportunities to take a walk or enjoy time outside. This social distancing also gives us an abundance of opportunities to innovate ways to support and connect.

Our faith gives us hope, especially times of struggle. There will be time soon where we will emerge from this challenge. Be light, and be hope for others during this time of social, psychological, and health struggle. Pray for the sick, our health care workers, and pray for each other, so that on the other side of this challenge we may emerge stronger together.