Principal’s Blog: Continuous Learning and Flexible Fridays

We are blessed to be able to continue to provide you an education, from home, using our online platforms. Thank you for your positivity and for working closely with us during this time. We wish to continue to be responsive and provide each of you with what you need right now.

Parents were invited to respond to a short survey from each of their child’s homeroom teacher last week. We are thankful that so many of you used this as an opportunity to thank their teacher for working so hard and for sharing constructive feedback. Parents shared that they are appreciative that we are continuing learning, that they are enjoying the quality of the teacher’s lessons, and that they feel blessed to be part of our community at such a challenging time for our world. Meanwhile, many families shared that they are struggling to manage the workload while also working from home.

To be responsive to this feedback we are going to be instituting Flexible Fridays beginning this week. On Friday, teachers will still send lesson plans, but these lesson plans will include no essential instruction or new homework for students. These lessons will be available for all students and families, but they will not be required. Teachers will also use this day to provide individual feedback and accommodations to students in need of extra assistance.