Principal’s Blog: Holy Week 2020

During Holy Week, we reflect on the paschal mystery, which is the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Seeing Christ suffer and be executed was a deeply troubling experience for Jesus’ mother, the apostles, and the early disciples. To them, it must have seemed like all hope was lost.

Today, we are remembering and praying with this mystery at home and not in our churches because of the global pandemic. In some ways, it is easy for us to also feel like all hope is lost, or that we are trapped in the loneliness or anxiety of our minds. The agony the followers of Jesus felt was excruciating while they were in it. On Easter Sunday people were confused by the empty tomb. It wasn’t until many weeks later that this great suffering made sense. It is in the resurrection that suffering has meaning and love is made real.

We stay home this Easter to help “flatten the curve” and we struggle to see the good in all of this while we make social and economic sacrifices. Let us remember that we have hope in Jesus. The suffering that we are enduring now will end. Then we will be able to look back to see the good that came from it.

I wish each of your families a prayerful Holy Week and many Easter blessings.