Mental Wellness During Social Distancing




Some of our families have expressed challenges related to mental health, family, and relationships. Your family’s health and your mental health are the most important things to prioritize at this time. Here are some resources that might be of help to you during this time:


  • For Your Marriage: Resources for enriching your marriage and overcoming adversity.
  • Catholic Charities: Providing counseling and support over the phone during this time.
  • Encouragement and Acrostic Activity: Creatively share encouragement with friends and remind them that they are seen, known, and loved, and that we are in this together!
  • Snail Mail Letter: Download the Friendzy Snail Mail Template and write an encouraging letter to a friend or family member. Writing a letter helps us take a moment to slow down and dedicate time and thoughtfulness to someone we appreciate and care about.
  • We Are In This Together Coloring Sheet: Though the social distancing measures and closed schools due to COVID-19 may make us feel alone, it is important to remember that we are in this together. Download this conversation and coloring activity today!
  • Parent Tips: How to set a positive in the home
  • A Grateful Charades Game: Engage everyone in some fun
  • A Gratitude Journal: Download a printable or digital version