Principal’s Blog: Teacher Appreciation

During the past six weeks, I called and emailed many of you. The most consistent sadness that parents share with me is that their children miss their friends and miss their teacher. Last night during family prayer, my children said, “I miss being with the people in my classroom.” Those words ring true for our teachers too. We are blessed at St. John the Baptist School to have a dedicated staff that cares passionately about our kids and helping them to succeed.

Next week is teacher appreciation week. The way we celebrate our teachers will look different this year than it did last year. I ask you to please join me in finding creative ways to thank our teachers. Children could take a picture holding a thank you sign or write their teacher a heartfelt note. Any other displays of appreciation are certainly welcome.

Our teachers also thank you. The structure that you provide, the worksheets you print, and the apps that you troubleshoot are allowing our community to continue to learn and to grow together. We are all trying to reimagine what our traditions, learning, and family life look like right now, and we pray for things to return to the way they were soon. In the meantime, we continue to take on the challenges with a positive outlook and the faith that we will get through this together.