Principal’s Blog: Welcome back

We pray everyone had a wonderful Christmas celebration with their family. We hope it was a time of rest, relaxation, family, and a time to grow closer to Christ. The teachers and I are thankful for your cooperation and support during this past week of virtual learning. We understand that these weeks include some challenges for your family, and we are giving our best effort to deliver the same quality of instruction that you have come to expect. Thank you for your partnership and support.

As we come back to school this month, there are a variety of things we are preparing for:

  • Catholic Schools Week begins on 1/31. This is a time to celebrate our school, community and to enroll for the 20-21 school year.
  • In December, the parish announced its plans to install a new HVAC system in our school. We are hoping to install this system during this summer, pending successful fundraising. We are continuing preparations to share more about this project and to invite you to be a part of it.
  • There are a couple of staff in-services scheduled. This time will focus on professional development on the topics of technology, curriculum, and elementary writing.
  • Our  “Friendzy” theme for the month (parent letter below) focuses on teamwork. Students will be learning how to share their gifts with God and to serve those in their community.

Principal’s Blog: Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Saint John the Baptist School has been remembering the true meaning of Christmas for 132 years. We celebrate this season with songs, presents, and, most importantly, by sharing with children the true meaning of Christmas.

We are proud of our academic success. Throughout the past school year, we have been committed to keeping our doors open and children in the physical classrooms. We have seen consistent enrollment growth over the past six years, and several families have transferred to our school because of our commitment to providing in-person learning for our students. We are proud of the way our students learn critical thinking in the classroom and show their success through high academic achievement scores.

We are now welcoming fourth and fifth-generation students into our school building, as well as many new arrivals to Howard. Many of them are your grandchildren, nieces, and neighbors. One of the most special things that happen in our school, just like our parish, is that people form a true sense of community and family in our building.

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!

2020 SJB Studio Band Christmas Concert

Please enjoy the 2020 SJB Studio Band Christmas Concert by clicking on the image below!

Thank you to Mr. Stranz and all of the musicians for sharing their time and talent with us this Christmas season!

2020 SJB Middle School Choir Christmas Concert

Please enjoy the 2020 SJB Middle School Choir Christmas Concert by clicking on the image below!

Thank you to Karen Buchinger and all of the musicians for sharing their time and talent with us this Christmas season!

GRACE 10th Anniversary Calendar Raffle- SALE EXTENDED!

Dear SJB families and friends,

Were you hoping for one more chance to get your Calendar Raffle tickets?  Maybe you’re looking for a last-minute stocking stuffer?  You are in luck!  Raffle sales have been extended through this week (12/18).  AND, for those of you with a competitive spirit, SJB is currently in 2nd place for sales among the nine GRACE schools. Maybe we can move into 1st place?  Get your orders in by Friday 12/18!

There are three easy ways to submit your order:

1) Print this paper order form and submit it to the office along with check/cash payment, by 12/18.

2) Use this online order form to submit your order, then send your check/cash payment to the office by 12/18.

3) NEW Simply send your order via email to, then send your check/cash payment to the office by 12/18.

Once again, here are the details of the calendar raffle:

  • $20 per raffle ticket
  • Ticket stubs will be returned to you before Christmas Break
  • $10,100 in prize money
  • 300 drawings throughout 2021
  • Tickets are entered in every drawing!
  • You could win more than once!
  • GRACE sends winnings directly to the winner in the mail

Thank you for supporting our school!

View more details and print more order forms by clicking here!
Questions?? Contact Kelly Dougherty at or 920-217-0844.

Principal’s Blog: Christ the King

I have previously shared that our school has implemented a new, biblical-based, friendship curriculum this year. The theme for this month is “love at all times,” which is rooted in 1 John 3:18: “Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show truth by our actions.” This theme blends so beautifully with the feast of Christ the King, that we celebrate this weekend.

Reflecting on this feast, Pope Benedict XVI said: “If we put into practice our love for our neighbor, according to the Gospel message, we then pave the way for the lordship of God, and his kingdom is realized by means of us.” At school, we are working hard every day to help kids learn that love is not just a feeling, but it is an action. Whether it is our friendships, our coworking relationships, or our family relationships, love is in action.

God calls us to love at all times. We know and believe that, and we can only instill that in our children and in our community by working together. Through mutual support, we can create a culture here at St. John the Baptist that seeks to bring about the Kingdom of God and not just to prepare a feast of Thanksgiving this week, but rather to join him at his banquet, one day in heaven.

Lord, I invite You, today, to come reign in my heart. I give You complete control of my life. You are my Lord and my King. I love You and want to live in accord with Your perfect and holy will. Jesus, I trust in You.