Principal’s Blog: Lent is a Promise

Sunday’s first reading is the conclusion of the story of Noah and the flood, perhaps one of the bible stories children know best. At the end of this story, God promises the people that he will never flood the earth again, and He tells us that the rainbow is the symbol of this promise. In many ways, Lent is a promise too. Lent is a promise that after these weeks in the desert with Jesus, after the penance that we endure, and after this cold winter will come Easter morning. As much as Ash Wednesday is the beginning of a season of penance, it is also the beginning of the promise of Easter.

At SJB, we are proud of the ways that we help children enter into the liturgical seasons. During Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter, we teach children the true meaning of the seasons and create many tangible experiences for them to enter into the Christian mystery. This Lent, students will engage in this season in many ways, including:

  • Learning the value of penance: Each class will make Lenten promises of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.
  • Walking with Christ: Each class will pray the stations of the cross.
  • Reflecting on Scripture: Students will hear daily announcements and classroom reflections.