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The St. John’s Booster Club’s mission is to support physical and extracurricular activities for all students at St. John the Baptist School. This includes extracurricular sports teams and events as well as the physical education program that is part of every student’s school day. The Booster Club also supports other extracurricular activities in cooperation with the school.  The main function of the Booster Club is to raise funds for items that promote these activities that are above and beyond the normal school budget. We do this through fundraisers and the help of volunteers.  Volunteer opportunities are distributed through the weekly communication envelope and the church bulletin.

You can also volunteer by contacting one of the board members of the Booster club or the chairperson of any of the fundraisers or events.  We commend our student-athletes not only for their winning seasons but also for excellence in sportsmanship, fair play, and determination. We celebrate their participation and the efforts they put forth for themselves and for their team. To honor our student-athletes, the St. John’s Booster Club hosts an annual athletic banquet in the spring.  Meetings are held monthly and open to all adult parish members and student’s parents.  The date, time, and place are announced on the monthly sports calendar.