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1st Grade (Room 15)

  • 1st Grade
Hello and welcome to Room 15! My name is Aly Hess and I am thrilled to be teaching 1st grade for my 2nd year at St John's. I am a graduate of St Norbert College, where I studied education, Spanish, and theology. My husband Collin and I live in Howard. In my free time I enjoy running, rollerblading, living my Catholic faith, cooking and reading.
Alyssa Hess

1st  Grade Monthly Newsletter
May 2019

Upcoming Dates:
Friday May 10th – Full Day of School
Friday May 3rd – Friday May 10th – Book Fair
Wednesday May 15th – 1st Grade Hosts Mass
Friday May 31st – Field Trip to Pamperin Park
Monday May 27th – No School
Thursday June 7th – Early Dismissal; Last day of school!

Curriculum this Month:

Phonics – Fundations Program

This year I have been providing a list of trick words below, for you to practice reading, writing and spelling with your child at home. Please find the list of these words below, and consider making flashcards at home to practice reading and writing each week. The bolded words are new this month.

This month we are finishing up Unit 11, which teaches students to spell words with long vowels that follow the vowel- consonant – e pattern. (hike, shake, plate, tune, etc.) We also are focusing on memorization of the trick words below, as our year long list is now very long!

Trick Words to memorize:

the a and Is his of as has to into
we he she be me for or you your I
they was one said from have do does were are
who what when where   there here why by my try
put two too very also some come would could should
her over number say says see between each any many
how    now    down    out    about     our friend    other    another    none

Mathematics – Math Expressions

This month we are learning two digit addition! Students will learn several different methods to use to solve 2-digit adding problems such as drawing ten sticks and ones, using the tally above method and more.

Reading Workshop

This month we are continuing our new project, called Reader’s Notebooks. In a Reader’s Notebook, students are responsible for writing one letter to the teacher a week, including their thoughts about a book they read. Additionally they will learn how to respond to both fiction and nonfiction text that they read. They will learn to analyze, interpret, and connect to the stories that they independently read during the week. It is pretty amazing to see the progress your student has made in the area of reading this school year!

Science/Social Studies

This month in social studies we are learning about maps, compasses and reading a map key. There will be a culmination project of our learning with a field trip to Pamperin Park on May 31st. In addition to a picnic lunch, we will be creating our own maps of the park, to use our newly acquired mapping skills.


This month we are focused on celebrating the Easter season! We took quite a lot of time and energy learning about Lent, so our Easter celebrations are very exciting. So far we have made “Resurrection Eggs” and plan to do many other projects related to Easter.

Thank you so much for your continued support! Please email me with any questions you may have throughout the year.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us!

Mrs. Hess

Wish List
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