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PK – 3

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I am a graduate of Western Michigan University and have been working with preschoolers for the last 8 years as a teacher and director of a program in Chicago. My husband, 3 children and I moved here 2 years ago from the Chicago area and are loving Green Bay and being closer to family. I am very excited to be starting this school year at St John's in the 3 year old preschool class. The best part of working with preschool age children is their excitement for learning. I feel very blessed to be a part of the St John's school community!

Welcome to Preschool!

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What’s Happening in PK-3…

First day of school – drop off will be at door #1 at 8:05.  Pick up is at the classroom door at 11:05

Show & Tell / Mystery Bag:

Please send your All About Me poster on your snack day.  Once we have all of those shared we will start Mystery Show and Tell.  Please watch your students back pack for the mystery bag.  We will rotate through the class and each student will take a turn bringing 1 show and tell item to school on Wed/Thur.  The item should be kept a secret until it is time to share.

Upcoming Events


Wed 14th: Play Day  9:30-10:00 or 10:30-11:00

Wed 21st: All School Open House 3:30-6:30   –   Pick up school information, get your school pictures taken and drop off school supplies.

Tues 27th: First Day T/TH class

Wed 28th: First Day M/W class



Our themes this month: All About Me, Squares and the color Yellow

Mon 2nd: No School -Labor Day



Our themes this month: Fall, Circles and the color Orange

Tues 22nd & Thurs 24th: Parent Teacher Conferences

Fri 25th: No School

Wed 30th/Thur 31st: Halloween Party

Parents please come at 10:20 to help students dress in their costume.  We will be trick-or-treating through the school at 10:30.



Our themes this month: Giving Thanks, Triangles and the color Brown

Tues 26th/ Wed 27th – Thanksgiving Feast  We will all sit together and eat a mini Thanksgiving dinner together.  Parent helpers please come at 10:00 to help set up for feast.


Fri 29th – No School



Our themes this month: Birth of Jesus, Star and the color Red

Wed 18th/Thurs 19th: Cookie Decorating with Parents

Mon 23rd – Fri 3rd: Christmas Break



Our themes this month: Arctic Animals, Rectangles and the colors White & Black

Mon 6th: Classes Resume

Mon 6th/Tues 7th: Pajama Day

Mon 20th – No School



Our themes this month: Fairy Tales, Hearts and the colors Pink & Purple

Fri 7th: No School

Wed 12th/Thurs 13th: Valentine’s Day Celebration



Our themes this month: The 5 Senses, Oval and the color Green

Thurs 5th/Friday 6th: Optional Parent Teacher Conferences

Mon 9th – Fri 13th: Spring Break


Our themes this month: Food & Nutrition, Diamond and the color Blue

Fri 10th: No School

Sun 12th: Happy Easter

Mon 13th: No School


Our themes this month: Flowers, Shape and Color Review

Mon 25th – Memorial Day  – No School



Our themes this month: End of school year, Our favorite things

Wed 3rd: Last Day M/W

Thurs 4th: Last Day T/Th

Classroom Wish List

Tissue paper, all colors

Mini Erasers – seasonal

Pom poms

Velcro Dots (3/4 in)

Mini Stickers


Scholastic Book Orders

Please consider purchasing books from Scholastic. Every book ordered earns our classroom FREE books!

Click here to visit the Scholastic website.

Enter Code: RC33H



If you would like a SCRIP envelope to purchase SCRIP, please contact Lynn McKean in the Parish office.


Phone Number: 920-434-2145 ext. 208


St. John the Baptist School Prayer

Dear St. John the Baptist,

Thank you for being the patron of our school. Please ask God, our Father, to bless St. John the Baptist School with many, many students and an abundance of financial resources to help our school grow. Help me, my family, and all of us grow in Holiness every day.

Through Christ our Lord,



Prayer Requests

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St. John the Baptist School Mission Statement

St. John the Baptist School provides an education that is centered in Jesus Christ and on the Gospel Values through the intercession of St. John the Baptist. Our school is dedicated to knowing our faith, teaching our faith, and living our faith, while creating an environment that maximizes learning in all academic areas. Our students are provided with the necessary education to become faith-filled, independent, critical thinkers who are prepared to be active, responsible members of the Catholic Church and society.