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Social Studies, Language, and Reading

  • 8th Grade
Hi everyone! I am starting my eleventh year of teaching, the last nine of them have been at St. John's. I absolutely love teaching here and feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful school and community. I feel at home in a Catholic school and sharing my faith with the students and within my content areas. I teach sixth, seventh, and eighth grade social studies as well as seventh and eighth grade English and reading. These are my favorite subjects to teach because I love stories, especially about the past. In addition, I'm responsible for coaching our Forensic team. During my free time, I like to spend time reading, shopping, and being with family and friends, especially my adorable dog Lucy. "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelsen Mandela
Abbie Withbroe

8th Grade Social Studies:

Summer Social Studies Ideas:

While enjoying your summer vacation, don’t forget about social studies! Here are a few ideas to keep your historian brains working…

  • Stay up-to-date on current events by watching the nightly news, reading the newspaper, or checking news websites regularly.
  • Use a roadmap to plan out and organize your family trips.
  • Interview a family member from a different generation and find out how things have changed between their childhood and yours.
  • Visit the Neville Museum in Green Bay or another museum in a different city and journal about what you learned.
  • Watch a documentary on a time period in history or about an important event and share what you learned with a friend.
  • Read a historical fiction novel or nonfiction book about an interesting world event.
  • Spend a day viewing court trials.
  • Explore American government on Ben’s Guide to Government at
  • Research countries around the world in the CIA World Factbook at


Link to Social Studies Course Syllabus: click here

8th Grade Language Arts

Summer Reading and Writing Ideas: 

Here are some fun ways to make sure your wonderful writing and reading skills stay sharp in the summer. See if you can complete all of these suggestions!

  • Log into Odyssey once a week and complete a language and reading lesson
  • Log into CommonLit and search for interesting articles. Complete the questions based on the reading
  • Read one book each month of summer and write a short summary about the novel or tell your parent about it
  • Go to the public library to join the summer reading program – you’ll receive tons of coupons and free gifts as you read
  • Research a fun place to visit and read online reviews of the place
  • Keep a journal of all of the fun things you do over the summer
  • Start an email pen pal with a friend from school and write to each other at least once a week
  • Try to do a short writing prompt each day, there are some great ideas to get you started here
  • Review your grammar rules with these online quizzes and games

8th Grade Reading:

See above for summer reading ideas.

Link to Language and Reading Course Syllabus: click here