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Welcome to Kindergarten! My name is Tara Nelson, and this is my eleventh year of teaching kindergarten at St. John the Baptist. I love teaching kindergarten, as it is a time of growth and transformation for young children. It is my goal to instill a lifelong love of learning in my students. I also aim to help my students grow in their faith and to integrate faith as a central part of their everyday life.   Outside of school, I enjoy baking, reading, kayaking, watching hockey and spending time with my three nephews, Jack (7), Myles(4) and Drew(4) and my niece, Kate(3). I live in Howard and share my home with a giant, sassy cat named Gabe.   "Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you." -Goethe
Tara Nelson

Mulberry Lane Farm Field Trip:

We will be going on an all day field trip to Mulberry Lane Farm on Friday, May 31. Please be sure to pack your child a cold lunch with a drink that day. I will send home a brown paper bag with their name on for you to pack their lunch in that day. Since we will be outdoors all day, the kindergartners should dress comfortably, in clothes that can get dirty! Please make sure they are dressed for the weather with appropriate foot wear as well.


What we’re learning:

Math: Unit 5 focuses on understanding partners of 10, inverse equations, building teen numbers, understanding teen number equations, 3D shapes, addition and subtraction story problems and building addition and subtraction fluency within 10

Reading: We are reading fractured fairy tales! A fractured fairy tale is a story that takes a traditional fairy tale and makes some changes to the story. We are learning about the elements found in fairy tales, as well as comparing different versions of the same stories. We are having so much fun reading many different versions of the Three Little Pigs!

In guided reading, we are reading books at our own reading level! We are learning what to do when we get to a tricky word: look at the picture, look at the beginning and ending sound, say the sounds in the word, checking to make sure what we say made sense. We are also really focusing on pointing as we read and making sure the number of words we say matches the number of words on the paper.

Writing: We are taking what we’ve learned about story elements and applying them to fiction stories! We are working on writing a fiction story with a beginning, middle and end that features characters, setting, a problem and a solution! Writing conventions: beginning with an uppercase letter, using lowercase letters within our words, spacing between words, punctuation.

FUNdations: letter/sound/formation of all lowercase and uppercase letters; vowels and consonants; sentence structure – begin with an uppercase letter, spaces between words, punctuation, syllables, rhyming words; tapping out 3 letter CVC words, alliteration

Current list of Trick Words:

I, a, are, and, the, to, is, his, as, has, was, he, she, we, you, see, they, said, or, for, me, be, like, from, my, by, do, one

Religion: Everyone has rules, reasons for God’s rules


Don’t forget…

Enrollment for the 2019-2020 School Year is now open!

-When your child is absent, please report the absence to the office in one of the following ways:  -The morning of the absence, please call 434-3822 x224 or Email
-If there are transportation changes, please call the office at 434-3822 x221 prior to 2:20 p.m.

Raz-Kids is an online reading resource we are blessed to have access to. A sheet was sent home with your child explaining how to log in. Please feel free to use this resource at home as much as possible!

** Spirit day is on Friday! Every Friday, students may wear any St. John’s shirt with their regular dress code bottoms. Sports day will be the Friday before or the day of Packers home games only. On sports days, students may wear any sport shirt with their regular dress code bottoms.

To order Scholastic books, you can go to their website and enter our class code: GW69T

If your child’s dismissal routine changes, I must have a note from you stating how they will get home that day. If a change is made during the day, please call the office, and they will send a note informing me of the change. Please do not email changes in dismissal routine, as I don’t always get a chance to check my email before dismissal. Thank you.

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Monday, May 27: No School – Memorial Day

Friday, May 31: Mulberry Lane Farm Field Trip





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