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Welcome to Kindergarten! My name is Tara Nelson, and this is my twelfth year of teaching kindergarten at St. John the Baptist. I love teaching kindergarten, as it is a time of growth and transformation for young children. It is my goal to instill a lifelong love of learning in my students. I also aim to help my students grow in their faith and to integrate faith as a central part of their everyday life.   Outside of school, I enjoy baking, reading, kayaking, watching hockey and spending time with my nephews and nieces: Jack, Myles, Drew, Kate and Lexi. I live in Howard and share my home with a giant, sassy cat named Gabe.   "Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you." -Goethe
Tara Nelson

Last week we learned about fire safety! Hopefully your child came home with lots of ideas to share about ways to stay safe in a fire or other emergency. Our theme for the next two weeks will be pumpkins. We will learn about the life cycle of a pumpkin and will be doing another science lab to explore ways to measure and make predictions about pumpkins.

We will be celebrating Halloween in kindergarten! More details to come as it gets closer, but if you would like to contribute supplies to our celebration, please click here to sign up!


What we’re learning:

Math: Unit 2 focuses on numbers 1-10. We will continue to build a relationship between the written numeral, quantity, and spoken word. We will be doing more addition and subtraction, and will begin to tell math stories that involve adding and subtracting. The students are also introduced to the concept of 5 groups – that a group of 5 can be found within the numbers 6-10, and using a 5 group can make counting faster and easier. We also continue our work on subitizing – the ability to see a group of objects and just know how many there are without counting. We’ve gotten really good at subitizing smaller numbers, and will be working on seeing groups within larger numbers in order to subitize.

Reading: We are learning to use our schema while we read. Our schema is all the things we already know, the things we have in our head. We can use our schema to make connections to our lives, to other books and to others.

Reader’s Workshop: We have learned how to work in 4 different reading stations: read to self, read to someone, word work and work on writing. We are really good at staying focused when everyone is doing the same station, but now are working to keep that same focus when groups of kids are working in different stations. Once we get the station routine down, I will be able to begin working with small groups of students during this time.

Writing: We are learning to tell a story through detailed pictures, how to add details to the people, animals and backgrounds of our drawings, adding labels to our pictures, beginning sentence structure

FUNdations: letter/sound/formation of t, b, f, n, m, i, u, c, o, a, g, d, s; learning how to echo; handwriting lines; vowels; syllables, rhyming words

You may be wondering why we aren’t learning letters in alphabetical order. FUNdations has us teach the lowercase letters first, because they are most common in book. The order we use to teach these lowercase letters is organized based on similar formation. For example, we learned t, b and f together because they are all “sky line letters,” meaning they begin at the top line. We learned m and n together because they are very similar. After learning the formation for all 26 lowercase letters, we will then learn uppercase letters in alphabetical order.

Religion: We can talk to God, God hears us when we pray


Don’t forget…

-When your child is absent, please report the absence to the office in one of the following ways:  -The morning of the absence, please call 434-3822 x224 or Email
-If there are transportation changes, please call the office at 434-3822 x221 prior to 2:20 p.m.
-Please have your child use a pencil to do any writing (letters or numbers) on their homework.

** Spirit day is on Friday! Every Friday, students may wear any St. John’s shirt with their regular dress code bottoms. Sports day will be the Friday before or the day of Packers home games only. On sports days, students may wear any sport shirt with their regular dress code bottoms.

To order Scholastic books, you can go to their website and enter our class code: GW69T




Upcoming Events:

Monday, October 14: Sports Dress Day

Wednesday, October 16: K-8 Liturgy, 8:30am

Friday, October 18: Sports Dress Day

Tuesday, October 22 and Thursday, October 24: Parent Teacher Conferences

Thursday, October 24: Early Dismissal, 11:35am

Friday, October 25: No School




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10/18: Ellie

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10/29: Paul

As a part of the GRACE wellness initiative, we are moving from birthday treats to birthday snacks. If your child would like to pick out a small treat to share with their friends (mini cupcake, muffin, small cookie, popsicle, etc.) to accompany their healthy snack on their birthday celebration day, that is totally fine, we are just trying to get away from the large, messy, sugary treats if possible. Thank you for your understanding!


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