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Greetings and blessings upon you! My name is Brian Fogarty and I am looking forward to making music with the students of St. John the Baptist this year! I live in Sturgeon Bay with my wife, Amy and our 4 children and 3 dogs! I serve as the Music Director of our parish there, Corpus Christi. I graduated from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN with a B. Mus and then from the University of Illinois with a M.M. I studied music composition and theory at both schools. I've worked in Catholic Music Ministry my entire career. Best wishes for a fun school year!
Brian Fogarty

2020 has brought with it many new and fun music adventures!

Primary grade students have learned how music can climb high and also fall low. We have been learning about melodies and the musical scale and can sing some and play them on instruments such as xylophones and kazoos.

Elementary students are learning the names of notes on the treble clef staff and playing some simple tunes on the xylophones. The 4th grade class has begun a unit on recorders. They are reading music and playing individually, as a class, and in small performance groups.

The 5th graders are composing and performing their own rhythmic patterns to accompany a familiar “Church” song.

And as always, all grades continue to focus on worshiping the Lord to the best of their ability through song!