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Religion 6th Grade

  • 6th Grade
I am a graduate of Silver Lake College and will be starting my thirty-ninth year in Catholic education. I'm a firm believer in the power and importance of a Catholic education-elementary through college. I have been teaching Middle School Religion and Spanish for ten years. I also enjoy working as a co-coach of our school Forensic team. I live west of Manitowoc with my husband. Our elder daughter is a graduate of St. Norbert's and in the work world. Our younger daughter is a Silver Lake graduate and is the youth minister for St. Francis Assisi Parish in Manitowoc. I enjoy cooking, baking, reading and attending liturgy-especially in the summer months when I don't have to keep an eye on students! The most important factor in the classroom is the relationship between the teacher and the student. I teach by the motto, "Be friendly."
Gayle Fritsch
  1. Chapter 13 Review-P. 239-Part A.  2. Chapter 13 crossword puzzle wkst.  3. Chapter 13 test.  All for Tuesday, 6/4.

Study Hints:  Vocab: charity, the Great Commandment,the Beatitudes, Precepts of the Church, morality, Transfiguration, Old Law.

What is the Old law?  The New Law?   What happened at the Transfiguration?  Can you recite at least three of the Beatitudes?   Can you list at least three Precepts of the Church?  Know a bit about the life of Blessed pier Giorgio Frassati

To what is the happiness that Jesus calls us?