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  • 7th Grade
I welcome the 2019-2020 academic year with excitement in a sixth year of teaching at St. John the Baptist School! It is with genuine joy that I bring love for academics to the classroom, reaching the minds and hearts of students eager to learn. Whether I am traveling near or far, visiting a park or museum, reading or watching a documentary, I am always thinking of ways to share science with my students. Even while spending my favorite moments of relaxation with my husband on the fishing boat, I witness the mysteries of science that surround us. Having our own two children experience Catholic education at Resurrection in Allouez and Notre Dame Academy, my husband and I firmly believe that integrated faith education has supported both our son and daughter as they begin to carve their future as young adults. In addition to helping children grow through discoveries made in science, I feel blessed to spiritually guide them in faith as well.
Jodi Lange


 September 2019

Textbook: Microorganisms, Fungi, and Plants

 Chapters:Chapter 1 – It’s Alive! Or, Is It?

Chapter 2 – Bacteria and Viruses

 Projects/Labs/Activities:Necessities of Life project and presentation; lab – How a Virus Travels

Other:Chapter 1 test date will be announced one week prior.

 Looking Forward:infectious disease box project


Science to think about……..

“There are two remaining northern white rhinos – both of which are female and live in Kenya.  The last male died there in March 2018.”