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  • 8th Grade
I welcome the 2019-2020 academic year with excitement in a sixth year of teaching at St. John the Baptist School! It is with genuine joy that I bring love for academics to the classroom, reaching the minds and hearts of students eager to learn. Whether I am traveling near or far, visiting a park or museum, reading or watching a documentary, I am always thinking of ways to share science with my students. Even while spending my favorite moments of relaxation with my husband on the fishing boat, I witness the mysteries of science that surround us. Having our own two children experience Catholic education at Resurrection in Allouez and Notre Dame Academy, my husband and I firmly believe that integrated faith education has supported both our son and daughter as they begin to carve their future as young adults. In addition to helping children grow through discoveries made in science, I feel blessed to spiritually guide them in faith as well.
Jodi Lange


Thursday, April 2

Please use Google Classroom for this lesson. Email me if you are having any problems using my Classroom.



Wednesday, April 1

Please use Google Classroom for this lesson. Email me if you are having any problems using my Classroom.


Monday, March 30

++++You have the option to use Google Classroom for this assignment if it works better for you and if I completed your invite correctly. Your other option is to answer in an email or Google Doc as we have been doing.  Your choice.  If you use Google Classroom, let me know of any teacher errors that I need to fix. Thank you!

Watch: Solving the Puzzle of the Periodic Table by Eric Rosado (TED-Ed)

Click here to go to Solving the Puzzle

This is not in your textbook. Write in your notebook the definition for valence electrons: Valence electrons are the number of electrons in the outer shell of an atom that can participate in forming chemical bonds with other atoms. (Remember: Electrons are on the orbitals around the nucleus of an atom in a Bohr model)

Connecting to “Going, Going, Gone,” a periodic table, internet sources: Answer the following questions and share with me in an email or Google Doc.

1. What group is helium part of? (hint: 1- 18)

2. Is helium a metal, metalloid, or nonmetal/gas?

3. How many electrons does helium have?

4. How many electrons does helium have in its outermost orbital shell?

5. According to the Bohr model rule of 2 -8 – 8, does helium have a full outermost shell?

6. How many valence electrons does helium have?

7. Helium is an inert element. Does that mean it is active or inactive?

8. The article, “Going, Going, Gone” states that, “helium plays a big role in rocket launches.” Using the article or other resources, explain why helium is important to rocket launches.

Due Date: Wednesday, April 1


3/29/20 Special Teacher Message:

Hi 8th Grade Class!

I am going to be learning how to use GoogleClassroom!  I have decided to begin with you, my 8th grade class. If you have a younger brother or sister that has me for science, they will not be included in this process yet.  Until I have GoogleClassroom really figured out, I will continue to post science assignments on my SJB teacher webpage just like I have been since going on-line. So, we will continue to use my teacher webpage until I give you notice that  I’m completely switching 8th grade to GoogleClassroom. 
I apologize in advance for any confusion that might happen during this process.  Thank you for understanding.  Learning never ends.  Wish me luck!
Mrs. Lange


Friday, March 27

Directions: Read the Science News article, “Going, Going Gone.”  Watch the video that goes with this article: Essential Element.   The analysis question/answer assignment will come on Monday.

On this link, a pop-up might ask you to log-in. Click log-in. Student. Password coldnest8080

Due Date: Monday, March 30

Note: If you ever need to log into, our student classroom password is coldnest8080. This article is from the November 18, 2019 issue



Wednesday, March 25

Textbook Chapter 5, Section 1 “Arranging the Elements”

  1. Read book pages 108 – 111
  2. Complete DR Sect. 1, #16 – 30
  3. Share answers with me for #16, 17, 29 using complete sentences.

Due Date: Friday, March 27

Note: The multiple choice and True/False questions will be graded before we take the chapter test.  This could be online or at school when we return.  Follow directions.  Don’t fall behind.

Element Research cards for elements #61 – 70. These are all part of group three, Lanthanides. Pm, Sm, Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb. These are due by Wednesday, April 1. Dear 8th graders, I am going to try to hold off  giving you quizzes on your element research until we return to school.  However, if we get information that we are delayed longer than we hope, I will give on-line quizzes. Either way, you will have quizzes on 101 elements. Please keep doing your best research and work on these cards.  Thank you! Mrs. Lange


Monday, March 23

Textbook Chapter 5, Section 1 “Arranging the Elements”

  1. Read book pages 104 – 107
  2. Complete DR Sect. 1, #5 – 15
  3. Share answers with me for #6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13 using complete sentences.

Due Date: Wednesday, March 25

Note: The multiple choice and True/False questions will be graded before we take the chapter test.  This could be online or at school when we return.  Follow directions.  Don’t fall behind.

Reminder: Element research for #51 – 60 is due on Wednesday 3/25. Careful – #58, 59, and 60 are Lanthanides from group 3.


Friday, March 20

Toxic Waters

Directions:  Read the information page. Next, answer the questions. This is a PDF, and you CANNOT type the information on the form. Share your responses either in an email or Google Doc.

 This assignment is challenging. You will be graded on effort and not accuracy. I will be looking for complete sentences and critical thinking.  Use supporting evidence from the information sheet to explain your ideas.

 DUE DATE: Monday, March 23

Click here to go to Toxic Waters


Thursday, March 19 MESSAGE: Next science assignment will be posted here on Friday, March 20.


Wednesday, March 18

Read Science News article, “Rising Waters” and answer the analysis questions. (The website is

  1. Click here to go to Science World
  2. Login
  3. Click “I am a student”
  4. Your classroom password is


5. We will be using the latest issue: March 16, 2020

6. Click “Explore Latest Issue.” This yellow box is found below the frog.

7. Scroll down to the article, “Rising Waters”

8. Click on the picture to open the article

9. Read the article, then answer the questions that I give you.

Article Analysis Questions

Directions: Answer the following questions in an email or Google Doc and share it with me by Friday, March 20. Some of the answers are found in the article. Some of the answers you will need to research on your own.


  1. The article discusses how the ground becomes saturated. What is the meaning of saturated according to the article topic about flooding?
  2. Chemistry connection: What is a saturated solution?
  3. Look at the Mississippi Watershed map in the article. Is Green Bay part of this system?
  4. Community connection: What water system or bodies of water are causing flooding in the Green Bay area?
  5. Earth science connection: How does flooding affect rocks and/or soil? Think about our units that discussed erosion, pollution, and soil conditions.




Element Research: Complete research for elements #51 – 60 by Wednesday, March 25. Sb, Te, I, Xe, Cs, Ba, La, Ce, Pr, Nd.  CAREFUL – 58, 59, 60 are Lanthanides and are found on the lower portion of the periodic table.  All Lanthanides are from group 3.



Parents and Students,

Please pick up your textbook and work packet from the science room on Tuesday, March 17. In the science room you will find a table labeled “8th Grade.”  There you will see a Directed Reading (DR) packet for your student.  I was able to locate 10 of the 11 8th grade textbooks, and inserted the DR inside for take-home.  Also, students will need index cards to continue researching elements for their element research collection. Students are welcome to take home their element collection from the classroom if they choose, however, this is not required as we have been working on this project since the beginning of the year, and they are familiar with the expectations.

If you are unable to retrieve this material on Tuesday, March 17, make arrangements with the office for an alternate pick-up time.  The first science assignment will not require the textbook or work packet.

8th grade science assignments will be posted by 9:00 AM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Currently, science assignments and instruction will be provided on this site, my teacher webpage.  Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns,  Starting Wednesday, March 18, my “office hours” will be Monday through Friday 9:00 – 11:00 AM where I will be monitoring my email.

Thank you!

Mrs. Lange