Forensics is open to any student in grades 6-8. Forensics is an activity that allows students an opportunity for participation, for learning, and for success. Students practice and prepare a selection that is to be presented orally before a judge. The season runs from the beginning of December through March. The students usually participate in three meets. The first meet is a Level I meet sponsored by the Wisconsin State High School Forensic Association Middle School Division of which St. John’s is a member. Students scoring a 1st place at that meet can then move on to the Level II meet. The last two years we have also put together our own invitational meet to allow our students another chance to perform. We are only able to do this because of the tremendous support we’ve gotten from the parents.

During the season, students are to meet with their coaches at least once a week for a thirty-minute practice. Students may participate in the following individual and group categories:

  • four minute informational speech
  • play acting
  • prose
  • poetry
  • non-original oratory
  • solo acting
  • reader’s theater
  • moments in history
  • demonstration
  • news reporting

Participation in forensics encourages the student to increase their self-confidence and poise. For those with a dramatic flair, it allows them an opportunity to use their voice to take on characterizations. When involved in a group presentation, cooperation and accountability are also needed and developed.

This past year, the St. John’s Forensic Team consisted of approximately forty-five students. The skills gained through the forensic experience definitely carry over to the classroom. When the student needs to make that presentation in Social Studies, it’s no longer something to fear or dread. It’s a piece of cake! You can spot a forensic student a mile away! (Or at least at the front of the classroom!)

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