Extended Care

Welcome! St. John the Baptist Preschool affords a learning experience where the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs of the young child are nurtured. A Christ-centered environment provides a secure setting in which this child can experience activities that enable creativity, self-identity, and cooperation. St. John’s preschool program is one that is activity based, developmentally appropriate, child-centered and faith-enriching. St. John’s recognizes that the child is a priceless gift from a loving Creator.

Our goals in this program are:

  • Christian values and attitudes shall permeate every dimension of the early childhood program.
  • The developmentally appropriate curriculum shall include considerations for all areas of the child’s development — physical,
  • emotional, spiritual, social and cognitive.
  • The curriculum shall include age appropriate instruction and opportunities for free play and exploratory activities.
  • Children learn by play; play is their work.
  • Play shall be child-centered and self-initiated.
  • The young child, through play, learns social skills that are foundational to lifelong living.
  • Opportunities are provided for children to interact and cooperate with one another in small and large group activities.
  • Staff members provide respectful, accepting guidance to facilitate the development of self-control.
  • The uniqueness and self-worth of each child is recognized and enhanced with encouragement and motivational incentives.

Extended Care operations: