Lunch Menu

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the school lunch program. The cost is $2.85 per day for students and $3.50 for adults. Milk is $.50 per carton if taken with cold lunch. Milk is included with a hot lunch.

Application forms for Free and Reduced meals can be obtained by contacting:
GRACE Administration Office/Food Service Office
1087 Kellogg Street, Green Bay, WI 54303

You may apply for free and reduced meals at any time during the year. This information is strictly confidential.
Instructions How To Apply – ENGLISH

Instrucciones Cómo solicitar – ESPAÑOL


Parent Frequently Asked Questions-ENGLISH

Preguntas frecuentes sobre la carta de los padres – ESPAÑOL


School Year Free and Reduced Application No CEP – ENGLISH

Año Escolar Aplicación Gratuita y Reducida – No CEP – ESPAÑOL

The lunch accounting system is computerized. All accounts are listed by family name. You may deposit a sum of money under your family name and the cost of all meals eaten by members of your family will be deducted from your account. You will be notified when your account falls below $5.00. Please place your payment in an envelope with your name on it. All checks are to be made out to St. John the Baptist.

If your child has any food allergies, please make sure the school is aware of it. Because of the Diocesan Health & Wellness Policy and the high number of food allergies among the school population, parents are strongly discouraged from bringing in fast food lunches for their children.
The cafeteria, besides being a lunchroom, is also a place where good human relations can be developed. Students are expected to practice GOOD MANNERS. Simple rules of courtesy that will help to make the lunch room pleasant for everyone include:

  1. Prayers before and after meals.
  2. Making an effort to eat the food served and to drink the milk.
  3. Keeping voice volume to a speaking tone.
  4. Leaving the table and surrounding area clean and orderly.
  5. Putting garbage in proper containers.
  6. Stacking trays neatly on the counter.
  7. Walking in the cafeteria at all times.
  8. Not leaving the cafeteria while eating or carrying food.