Our Parish

St. John the Baptist Parish Website

St. John the Baptist Catholic School works with St. John the Baptist Parish to create a nurturing and welcoming environment the community helps youth to build a relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer, ministry, and community building.

As a parish community, we will …

  • Make a conscious effort to invite all youth to participate in various parish ministries and leadership opportunities allowing them to express their talents, their time, and their gifts.
  • Be open to youth expressing their wisdom and enthusiasm to benefit the parish and community.
  • Work to increase the number of students trained to be involved in all areas of parish ministry.
  • Help youth to realize they are full-fledged members and for the faith community to recognize them as such.

St. John the Baptist Parish Website



“We know that each day our daughters walk through the SJB doors they are surrounded by teachers and peers that hold God and Love in as high a regard as we do.”

-Tiffany, Parent