Tuition Assistance

Catholic education is an investment in your child that pays extraordinary dividends in moral character, academic success, and lasting relationships. We seek to work with families to allow Catholic education to be an investment that is available to everyone. There are a number of ways that tuition can be managed and/or reduced.

GRACE Tuition Assistance:tuiton-assistance-drew-format-white-fill

Tuition assistance is available to families with children in grades K-8 through GRACE . Each year, GRACE provides over $150,000 in tuition assistance. You can apply for assistance at the time of enrollment.  Click on Tuition Assistance to learn more.

Parish Tuition Assistance:

Each year, St. John the Baptist Parish offers over $10,000 of financial aid from a privately held endowment fund.  You can learn more about this by contacting Sarah Wulf at

WI Parental Choice Program:

St. John the Baptist is a participating school in the WI Parental Choice Program. The program allows students in K-12, who meet residency and eligibility requirements to receive state aid for their tuition and attend our school. New students to the program MUST apply during the open application period which will begin early February of 2021 for the 2021-2022 academic year. Call the GRACE advocate for assistance in completing the application requirements (920)499-7330. More information is available on the DPI Website. Parent Brochure


WI Tax Deduction for Tuition Expense:

Wisconsin taxpayers now have the opportunity to deduct private school tuition expenses from their taxable income beginning on or after January 1, 2014.  A subtraction from income is allowed for tuition expenses that are paid for any of the GRACE Catholic Schools. Parents/guardians are eligible for a maximum deduction of $4,000/child in grades K-8 and $10,000/child in grades 9-12. Students transitioning from eighth to ninth grade are eligible for both deductions. Per the instructions, any amount spent on tuition and book fees are eligible for the deduction. Book fees include digital books, such as laptops or tablet fee issued by the school.


Many families use SCRIP for everyday purchases. A percentage of that purchase goes to offset their tuition. The SCRIP Tuition Reduction Program offsets a portion of their child’s educational fees by purchasing gift cards/certificates.  Click on SCRIP Program to learn more.



“With St. John’s, I was grateful to have a school community that helped and supported my choice to raise my children in the Catholic faith. A community that shared my values. St. John the Baptist was a great choice for my family because it offered the important ‘difference’ I was looking for—the small things I wanted to be part of my children’s learning experience.”

– Mike, Alumni & Parent